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Water Security Company is designing a number of systems to address a range of applications. As new products are introduced price and data sheets will be added. Since the original technology was developed for NASA and the manned space program, we name our systems after NASA vehicles and programs.

"Discovery" – Model WSC 4P, is a 4GPM system . This can be operated as a stand alone system or ganged together   with additional Discovery systems to provide higher throughput.

"Endeavour" – Model WSC 1E, is a .5 GPM system for Point of Use applications where piped water is available but unreliable. 

"Apollo" – Model WSC 5P, is a .5 GPM system with and integrated hand pump. It is ideally suited for purifying contaminated surface water in remote locations. 

"Atlantis" – Model WSC 1P, is a 1 liter per minute counter top unit. 

"Innovative" – Model WSC3, is a 80 liter per hour chilled water dispenser unit. 

"Secure" – Model WSC101P, is a 10 liter per hour  water treatment kit,that can be attached with the Bottle water  dispenser unit to eliminate the 19 liter bottle.The system will provide safe drinking water from the pipe line conneted with overhead tank

."Life Line" – Model WSC7, is a 100 mili- liter per minute, personal water purifier,idealy suits to Disaster relief situation,Field staff and military/paramilitary functionaries.

 "Filling Station" – Model WSC123, is a 4000  liter per hour  multi-head water filling station, specially designed to cater for safe drinking water requirements of urban and rural population. 

Water Vending Tower   Discovery Data Sheet
Brochure  Discovery Data Sheet
Endeavour Data Sheet Apollo Data Sheet
Atlantis Data Sheet Innovative Data Sheet
Innovative Data Sheet Secure Data Sheet
Lifeline Data Sheet Filling Station Data Sheet
Vending Macine/Tower Data Sheet
New Combined Price Shee